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Killer Workshop Lineup & Loads of News at Web 2.0

By - September 02, 2004

web2Again with the Web 2.0 plug, forgive me, but this has been an obsession lately.

As you may recall earlier I posted about the Web 2.0 lineup and asked for feedback on potential workshops. Well, I’m very pleased to say you really responded and we’ve got 10 already lined up, and they are truly amazing. They’ll run from the morning of the first day up till the main sessions start. From the Web 2.0 site:

Web 2.0’s workshops are designed to be conversations, not lectures. Each is led by a moderator with expertise in the workshop topic, but no formal presentations will be given. Instead, the workshop will address open questions and explore the latest developments in each of these very Web 2.0 subjects.

The subjects include:

RSS: Syndication Strategies and Business Models
Dick Costolo, CEO, Feedburner

Journalism 2005: A New Era for Newsmakers
Dan Gillmor, Columnist, San Jose Mercury News

Design for Web 2.0 Business
Jeff Veen, Partner, Adaptive Path
Jason Kottke,

Consumer IS The King: Going Direct To Consumer For Revenues
Rafat Ali, Editor/Publisher, Paid Content

Emerging Democracy: Building API’s Into Government
Zack Rosen, Co-Founder and Director, CivicSpace Labs

Lightweight Business Models
Marc Canter, CEO, Broadband Mechanics
Jason Fried, 37signals

eBay for Businessfolk
(Moderator TBD)

Dialing on the App Tone: How the Early Web OS is Shaping Up
Stewart Butterfield, President, Ludicorp

Enterprise Social Software
Ross Mayfield, CEO, Social Text

Publishing 2.0
Christopher J. Alden, Co-Founder & CEO, Rojo Networks, Inc.

In addition, we’ve got at least half a dozen new companies and/or major products that will be debuting at the conference, including from Bill Gross, Kim Polese, Chris Alden, Michael Weiss, Joe Kraus and some soon to be announced. I hope to see you there!

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