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InfoWorld Bows Product Guide, Partnerships

By - September 21, 2004

logo_iw_mainMatt McAllister has been a busy dude lately. His InfoWorld site has been doing all sorts of interesting things, the latest being a deal with Feedster to integrate Feedster searches into InfoWorld’s IT Product Guide. If you scroll down on this link, for example, you’ll see Feedster’s results have been aggregated in a section called “Weblogs and Feeds.” I’d say expect more of this, in particular as Feedster has recently added an advertising and/or subscription model to its feeds through a deal with Kanoodle. All I want to know is how much of that is going back to the feed owners, Scott…

InfoWorld also announced a deal with OSTG, which is the parent company of Slashdot among others, to create and extend these product guides.

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2 thoughts on “InfoWorld Bows Product Guide, Partnerships

  1. Scott Rafer says:

    How could I refuse that kind of invitation?

    There is also a detail page behind “View More Feeds” that is also IDG inventory.

    On the ad side, all we’ve announced are ads in our search feeds, which are effectively search returns pages. The ads there will be the commercial equivalent of AdWords and won’t share revenue back. Revenue programs for individual publishers will follow, however….

  2. Jessica Demwell says:

    He has been busy! By the way McAlister is spelt with 1 “L”