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Hell Bent

By - September 02, 2004

ballmerSteve Ballmer is on a mission to beat Google. This article summarizes a speech he gave in Massachusetts. His main focus: MSFT is “Hell-bent” to lead in search. “I see a world of incredible possibility and opportunity,” in the online ad biz, he added.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, MSFT is quite focused on search, and while Longhorn seems a far way off, this is a long term game. When they feel challenged, they respond. The decision to clean up their act with regard to paid inclusion, which probably cost them tens of millions in near term revenues, is a good indication of this.

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7 thoughts on “Hell Bent

  1. They certainly talk the talk, but the fact remains that I have yet to see a search engine come out of that company that doesn’t suck, horribly. Actions speak louder than words.

  2. pb says:

    Amen, Simon. With a track record that includes Outlook Search, Windows Search, MSDN Search, MSN Search and Search, it is unfathomable that Microsoft could produce a best in class web search. Microsoft simply does not have the DNA to pull it off. They don’t “get” it.

  3. I still think MS can pull it off. Not saying it’s a definite, but it’s a definite possibility. Recall the browser wars. It was all Netscape for a few years, and everyone lambasted the Softies for missing the boat. Now it has, what, 95% browser penetration?

    They’ll get into this search race soon enough.

  4. Nancy says:

    Classic picture! (and honestly…a little frightening!!)

  5. Otis says:

    Sure they can pull it of. What amazes me is how often MSFT is slow to recognize sometihng with a bright future, yet in the end they manage to dominate, despite being late in the game. I don’t like them for ‘technical reasons’, but they sure know how to play the game they are in. In contrast, while very innovative, Apple doesn’t play the business part of the game very well.

  6. What Otis said. I worked at Netscape 4 years and know first-hand. Granted, MSFT lied, cheated and leveraged the monopoly all the way to the top of the browser wars, but I don’t think there’s *anyone* who will bet cold hard cash against MSN in their upcoming battles with the likes of Google, no one.

  7. Jenny says:

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