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Google Going More Transparent

By - September 22, 2004

clarityI’ve said before that Google’s opaque approach to policy – in particular with regard to its editorial policies surround AdWords – could not stand. Now Danny has the scoop on Google’s intention to clarify and expand its advertising guidelines. Great news.

Forget the debate over what exactly Google will allow. A core issue to me has been why doesn’t Google simply publish its rules? Why can’t advertisers know from the start what Google allows? The guesswork has been infuriating to some who have been rejected on the basis of unpublished policies in the past, plus it has fed into the secretive nature some accuse Google of having….
…Google’s planning to greatly expand the editorial guidelines it publishes online, providing everyone — advertisers and Google users alike — a better idea of what it accepts on the advertising front.

“We’re in the editing phase of what that page will look like,” said Sheryl Sandberg, vice president of global online sales and operations for Google. “It won’t be up in the next few days, but if we’re not done within a few months, I’ll be disappointed.”

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