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Even Non Geeks Might Enjoy…

By - September 29, 2004

labs_logo2…reading Adam Rifkin’s post about the Google Labs Aptitude Test, which is included at the bottom of his post. Sample question:

6. On your first day at Google, you discover that your cubicle mate wrote the textbook you used as a primary resource in your first year of graduate school. Do you:
A) Fawn obsequiously and ask if you can have an autograph.
B) Sit perfectly still and use only soft keystrokes to avoid disturbing her concentration
C) Leave her daily offerings of granola and English toffee from the food bins.
D) Quote your favorite formula from the textbook and explain how it’s now your mantra.
E) Show her how example 17b could have been solved with 34 fewer lines of code.

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4 thoughts on “Even Non Geeks Might Enjoy…

  1. I guess I’d have to go with (F) reinter him.

  2. Or G) Who gives a flying ferret? Treat them like you treat anyone else.

  3. I’d probably choose (C), mostly because it sounds like fun.

  4. Otis says:

    Why not F) show her the book you wrote.