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Clusty – I Hear It's Great, But I Can't Get It to Load….

By - September 30, 2004

clustyYou know I am distracted when it takes me this long to post on Vivisimo’s new consumer facing search engine, which launched today. (I love a catchy name, but Clusty?) The folks at Vivisimo were kind enough to ask if I wanted a tour and talk with their senior brass, but I am so slammed getting ready for Web 2 that I just couldn’t break away. Fortunately, plenty of folks are covering the launch. From the AP story:

Online search engine upstart Vivisimo Inc. is setting out to persuade the masses that Google Inc.’s vaunted technology isn’t the most efficient way to find things on the Internet.
The little-known Pittsburgh company is taking aim at Google and other industry leaders like Yahoo Inc. with a new search engine called, scheduled to debut Thursday after four years of fine tuning.
The search engine’s name refers to the clustering technology that Vivisimo has refined to sort search results into different categories related to the initial search request.

My only problem with the engine is that they are clearly staggering under the weight of being today’s “next Google” – I couldn’t get on the site.

Other sites covering the launch:


Update: I got through now. Will post more as I use it.

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7 thoughts on “Clusty – I Hear It's Great, But I Can't Get It to Load….

  1. pete kosa says:

    I love this engine.
    It absolutely kills google for relevance.
    I think this company would be a very smart acquisition for them.

  2. Victor says:

    Are you kidding me? I had absolutley terrible relevence, maybe it depends on the query. All the clusters were very similar. Try searching for ‘Madonna’ I didn’t get anything not related to the singer. Thats alwasy a good test for clustering. ‘Pool’ is another good one, because it can mean so many things

  3. Skyler says:

    I will say that I think that has a way to go, but shoot, I loved it. seems more user friendly than google, and google was really easy to use wonce you got the hang of how to use its features such as the dictionary tool ect.

  4. pss says:

    I like clusty a lot…Just can’t access it on my work computer. Doubt it is my firewall, anything gets through. Ideas?

  5. Anonymous says:

    They really haven’t tackled the clustering of multiligual search results yet. Entering Dutch search terms has become a favourite pasttime at our office, just to see the clustering…

    Even with a 100 results of the query, it really makes no sense. English language queries with the similar count seem much more relevant.

  6. K Nelson says:

    Clusty or crusty? hmmmm. I must say, I hate the design. I don’t have much to say about it, but I did like the Gossip section – who has died. (I happen to like reading obituaries). blinkx, another seach application I’ve looked at recently seems to be more advanced than clusty. It generates both proactive and reactive search. The reactive search generates links to web, Local docs and email etc from whatever you are looking at. Crusty seems alot like A9, which I like for Image search but blinkx comes out top for me overall.

  7. ken says:

    I love this engine.