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What To Do With All The Money, Part 2: Nothing

By - August 31, 2004

fool. gifSo says The Motley Fool’s David Meier, roughly. Avoid the portal/diversification meme, he counsels.

I have to say, the more I stare at Google and the other players (and I’m doing a lot of staring lately), the more a strategy of differentiation-by-not-diversifying seems to make sense for Google. And in fact, Google’s halting on-the-one hand, on-the-other-hand approach to portal-like apps (mail, orkut, froogle, commercial search integration) belie a persistent case of Strategic Indecisivitis. The problem: it makes no sense for a public company to focus only on Search, as it hitches your revenue wagon to a one trick pony. No wonder the debate about going pubic was so contentious, and the ultimate framing around it so tortured.

(tip to Andy and IDentity and Greg Linden.)

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4 thoughts on “What To Do With All The Money, Part 2: Nothing

  1. Doug Mehus says:

    “Going pubic”? Accidental typo or Freudian slip? 😉


  2. pb says:

    Google’s core competency is creating scaleable online consumer services. I definitely expect them to continue rolling stuff out. I just expect tham to be wiser than, say Yahoo, by maintaining a superior search engine.

  3. Ash Thakur says:

    I think going pubic (sic) may be the way forward. Larry and Sergey were interviewed by Playboy, after all.

    How about a p0rn search engine where the user describes in words what he/she wants to see and links to the relevant images are retrieved? Now, there’s a killer app

  4. jessica says:

    Great article and web site keep up the stupendance work!! Love the real mothley crew though