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Sogou: Imitation….

By - August 05, 2004

sogou….is certainly flattery. I don’t speak Chinese, but a former student pointed me to this new search site: Sogou – which means “search dog” in Chinese. This is the proprietary search offering from China net giant Sohu. Looks like Google meets Yahoo with Lycos’ mascot. First covered at China Digital News, a Berkeley-based site I helped launch last year.

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  • David Berkowitz

    The logo strikes me as pure eBay – close enough that you can smell lawsuits in the water. The color order is even the same, with almost the exact colors used – just one extra red letter.

  • Kendall Willets

    Take a look at Daum too.

  • search for a Winner

    Sogou’s stock price keeps going down, How high can GOOG fly?