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Recall Toolbar

By - August 18, 2004

A reader points me to his own addition to the searchstream catalog: Recall Toolbar.

Recall Toolbar is a personal search engine that helps you instantly find that needle that you’re trying to find again in the haystack of pages you’ve already visited.

Recall Toolbar creates a local (i.e., on your hard drive) index of pages when you visit them. No information about the pages you visit ever leaves your computer.

Recall Toolbar does for Internet Explorer what Lookout does for Outlook. In fact, Recall Toolbar was inspired by Lookout.

Recall Toolbar contains no spyware.

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One thought on “Recall Toolbar

  1. Doug Cutting says:

    I just checked, and Recall Toolbar, like Lookout and Seruku, is powered by Lucene.NET.