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More Playboy Goodness

By - August 24, 2004

pboySeems Hef knows a good thing when he sees it. Given that the SEC ruined his Google interview scoop, he’s posting outtakes from the interview on Playboy’s site, the NY Post reports. And this time, the interview is in a pop up box, forcing you to the home page, (which is not worksafe):

Page: “We don’t have as many managers as we should, but we would rather have too few than too many,” he said. “We want a thin structure. It could be too thin. The downside is that people don’t get the attention they need, especially the more junior people. ” …

…Playboy: How do you manage hundreds of projects without many levels of management?

Page: We have pushed hard to automate many of the normal management tasks. For example, we have good systems for employee reviews. All of them are collected together so when our managers need them they have all the data written up. We also have systems that automate and track the management of all our projects. This allows an enormous amount of freedom. One time an engineer told me, “I’m not working on what you think I’m working on.” He explained that his work had evolved into something extremely relevant and important, but there was no place to track it in our system. I said, “Why don’t you enter it into the system?” “I can do that?” he said. I’m like, “Yeah, who else is going to do it?”

Update: Here’s a direct link, thanks Gary

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