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4 thoughts on “Google Browser

  1. John Rhodes says:

    This is what I wrote to Jason Kottke about this posting…


    In reference to:

    I wrote “Google 2.0” on 6-Sept-2001 which was about a Google browser. I
    also talk about how Google make be the next “layer” to be built over the
    Windows operating system. Think about it. Hardware, then OS core (think
    DOS), then new OS layer (think Windows), and THEN new user-driven / search
    layer (think Google). Google rides on top of Windows and is the new layer.

    Maybe Anil is right about Mozilla as the platform. Maybe not. What matters
    is the idea of a new layer on top of Windows, or any other OS, or current
    operating evnironment. Maybe it is browser based (i.e., Mozilla) but maybe
    it is something else. In any event, here’s the article…

    Here are some excerpts:

    “What if instead Google built a super simple web browser. Pow! There is a
    killer idea. Maybe.”

    “What if Google built something that was very much like a browser but was
    mainly used for searching for information. What if they built a tool that
    was focused on searching for answers to your questions first, and looking
    at web pages second. Wrap your head around that.”

    “The Google client might even be a sweet layer of technology on top of
    Microsoft’s operating system. Yes, you are getting the vibes. I’m saying
    that a Google client might almost function like an operating system over
    Microsoft Windows. The Google client might shanghai the entire Microsoft
    desktop. Over the top! Wouldn’t that be sweet? It would ride on top and
    hide the ugly parts of the operating system yet it would let through the
    appropriate technology, just for you. Just what you need.”

    Best regards,

    – John

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  2. All this wild speculation about browsers and platforms is fine, but I really think they should refocus on the basics: levitation and time travel.

  3. John Rhodes says:

    Kendall, you are wise. We should also refocus on mind control, UFOs, and Big Foot. I miss the big hairy guy. Um, maybe not. I think he lives next door…