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Give an Interview in April…

By - August 12, 2004

pboy… get a pass in August?

When I first heard this interview was coming, last week, I thought “Hmmm…wonder why that’s happening.” But I did not post on it. Google is not known for doing anything press related without calculating the impact down to the last meme, so it struck me that they had thought through the implications of a Playboy piece – and the attendant coverage it would create from journalists angry *they* didn’t get the interview. I figured the Playboy interview was given way before the quiet period ever started. I was wrong – it was given in early April – one week before Google filed. Now the SEC is investigating.

Could this be a case where Playboy ran with the interview against the wishes of the company? We may never know, but now the pundits are predicting this might delay the IPO, a la Benioff.

If it does, as Ross points out in an earlier comment here, it might be just what they need – a reprieve from the dog days of August, a delay that is rather harmless, as opposed to a painful postponement due to “adverse market conditions.” Your move, Mr. SEC….

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4 thoughts on “Give an Interview in April…

  1. One of these days I’ll write a piece: “‘Do no evil’ My Ass”.

    I’d hope this move was against Google’s will, but I haven’t seen anything to support that in the last few months.

  2. Mike says:

    The Friday the 13th plan is still intact. Those tricky Stanford boys!

  3. There wouldn’t have been any problem if Playboy had done a ‘Women of Google’ piece instead.

  4. jkottke says:

    I suspect Google thought they would be out by now and gave Playboy the go-ahead to run the article. But then it took longer than expected and once PB had that issue in the works, it was difficult to pull it back.