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Cnet Updates

By - August 04, 2004

search.comCnet bought a long time ago, and had big plans for it back in the Snap days. When I visited with Halsey (the founding CEO) a while back, he told me a story of how he got tons of guff for thinking that search was going to be a big deal. Now Cnet has updated, now a metasearch site, with various bells and whistles. Gary, though, is not impressed…in a brief review, he concludes there’s not too much that’s really new in the update.

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4 thoughts on “Cnet Updates

  1. Victor says:

    This, honestly, sounds as interesting as IceRocket. Which means to say not at all. People have a search engine of choice, whatever it may be, and to seperate them from it, you need something compelling and different, like new features (Search inside the book) or an excellent UI (Yahoo Local). The last thing people want is you to take search results whose orderings are the results of geniuss working all night, and then try to “out-do” them by sullying the orderwith someone else’s results…sigh.

    I think the space needs less aggregation. If you want to make something new, try search content that no one else searches, that would be valuable.

  2. Bart N. says:

    Well at least they are following the W3C webstandards which is one thing the other search engines don’t “have” (except mozdex) :p

  3. Steven H says:

    I honestly like the site. I think the skins feature is very cool and it’s one of the only meta searches that use has Google results. Plus – the deep web searches are a feature that I haven’t seen on any other site.

    This beats the pants off Dogpile, Icerocket, Mamma, and other metasearches (IMO)

  4. Itil says:

    Just a question, do the W3C standards sort of give you extra brownie points with some of the bigger search engines?

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