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Watch the Road Show?

By - July 26, 2004

I’ve heard rumors of a Google IPO roadshow via webcast lately, but dismissed them as there are so many regulatory hurdles to such an event, it probably won’t happen. However, Gary recently posted his monthly list of domains registered by Google, and while it’s still uncertain we’ll be able to tune into a Google road show, the domains they’ve grabbed certainly seem to imply the folks at Google have thought about it…     

Update: JH points out that the Journal took the time to read the entire filing, of course, and:

In another indication of its unconventional plans, Google disclosed that it will offer a “virtual” roadshow on a Web site, and included a transcript of the presentation in its SEC filing. Google said the site ( will begin accepting investor registrations in the coming days. The registration period, expected to begin as early as today, will last about five business days, according to a person familiar with the matter. Once the registration period has closed, Google will accept bids for as many as 10 business days, according to people familiar with the situation. Then it will determine the offering price, with the shares expected to begin trading roughly two to three weeks from now, according to these people.

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