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By - July 29, 2004

vomit.jpgJoi and Larry and others point to BitTorrent file of the hearings on the INDUCE Act, the latest salvo from the morons who brought us DMCA and DRM. I like this observation from Joi:

BitTorrent is one of the most efficient p2p systems and is great for distributing movies and other large files. The Induce act is trying to make illegal basic technologies such as p2p which “could induce” people to break copyright.

With more powerful cameras and PCs, video and Flash have become important mediums for free speech. They are increasingly being used for political action. The integration of blogs and p2p technology for sharing these videos like the BitTorrent link above from Lessig are a good example. I believe this is substantial non-infringing use.

In other words, the INDUCE act could kill a lot more than p2p (or the iPod or even search), it could kill free expression and political discourse. Like, for example, the use of BitTorrent to discuss with and inform the public about an important political development…

And if you want to get smart on INDUCE, here’s Boing Boing’s Xeni on NPR…and the EFF’s fake complaint showing how ludicrous this proposal is…and Corante’s (Ernest Miller’s) INDUCE related stuff ….There’s much much more… I think we may have to go to the ramparts on this one….

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