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Iowa Electronic Markets Trades In Google IPO Contracts

By - July 01, 2004

iem_logoIEM has been making interesting markets for years, most notably in Presidential election outcomes. Now they are making a market in Google’s future IPO. There are two such markets, described here and here and quoted in real time here.

The upshot: the market’s only been open for a few days, but it’s already guessing that Google will close on its first day with a market cap of between $25 to $39 billion. That’s the bid/ask spread. I’ve sent email to a couple folks I know to see if they can ascertain any more insights…

Thanks, Tipster Who Will Remain Anonymous!

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4 thoughts on “Iowa Electronic Markets Trades In Google IPO Contracts

  1. Innovation futures trades on Yahoo vs. Google market cap.

    Will Google have a bigger market capitalization than Yahoo! at the end of the day of its IPO?
    Yes – 15
    No – 84
    No IPO – 1

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  3. george says:


    just FYI, my friend tim ogilvie is also experimenting with the google ipo … check out his project at


  4. Jack says:

    There’s a good article on the IEM — and other futures markets — at