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4 thoughts on “Google Hit With Another Suit…

  1. ID:entity says:

    Yes contrat’s to Gary Price, referring back to a previous post:

    I’ll have a GooglePrice!!

    Any impacts on ResourceShelf? John / Gary??

  2. I have seen a post or two on craigslist about google’s ageism – interviews being cut short when they see the applicant in person, etc.

    You have to wonder if they would have these trademark problems if they had someone experienced on the team. I mean, kids, You’re supposed to think of a name that’s not registered anywhere yet.

  3. HDTV Info says:

    I’ve read about some other lawsuit. some children website which owned the name for longer than, wants to sue google for the copyrights.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Google is getting so big, I am surprised that it doesn’t get in trouble more often. However, the story does not surprise me so much.
    Things like that happen everyday in the world. Why not at Google ?