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4 thoughts on “Classic GoTo Page From Internet Archive

  1. Dirk says:

    Wow, very slick design. Absolutely not what I would have expected in retrospect. Why didn’t they follow their original plan? (

  2. pb says:

    GoTo’s real innovation was ad words.

  3. Brad Haugaard says:

    Thanks John!

    My boss just pointed out your comment about the GoTo “Who We Are” page. I glanced at it and realized I wrote it. And may I finally give Dave Zito credit for sketching the logo, search box and search button design.

    I’m back at Idealab and we’re working on another search related product. But my boss says you’ll have to chat with Bill Gross about that one.



  4. Anyone have an update on the Overture/Google patent case? Last I heard a judge in SF was to soon issue a preliminary assessment that would go a long way towards deciding whether GoTo’s patent’s were filed correctly.