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Blog Search = Political Analysis

By - July 22, 2004

From Dave Sifry’s blog (he’s the founder of Technorati):

A few minutes ago CNN announced that Technorati will be providing real-time analysis of the political blogosphere at next week’s Democratic National Convention. I will be on-site in CNN’s convention broadcast center, along with Mary Hodder, and I’ll be providing regular on-air commentary on what bloggers are saying about politics and the convention. And on Sunday, July 25, we’ll launch a new section of our site for political coverage: This site will make it easy for bloggers,
journalists, and anyone interested in politics to see the postings of the most linked-to political bloggers, to track the ideas with the fastest-growing buzz, and to monitor conversations in thousands of other political blogs. will link to this site, and we’ll be updating the CNN site with the latest from the blogosphere.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Search = Political Analysis

  1. gary price says:

    The folks at Feedster have put together a compilation (searchable) of “official” DNC blogs.

  2. Seems that occasionally Technorati runs into some scalability issues. About 5% of the time I get blank results for the query that fetched results before, and the other 5% it’s the php_error telling you something rather.

    But maybe they are beefing up their infrastructure as I type this.

  3. David Sifry says:

    Yes, you’re absolutely right, we’re experienceing some growing pains. We’re working really really hard to (a) Make sure that everything stays up 100% of the time, and that service response time is always under 1 second. There’s a lot to do, so I apologise in advance for the issues.

    We’ve been pretty astounded by the popularity of the service and the explosive growth of the blogosphere, but are 100% committed to being of service to you. Apologies again for the issues, there’s no excuse, really. We’re working day and night to fix things.