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4 thoughts on “Om Sees BlinkX

  1. Rick Mason says:

    Despite some bugs it is actually quite useful for local search. But for news or the web searches IMHO it’s next to useless. It’s certaintly no Google, not even a Lycos.

    Be interesting to see how Google does with their local search project.

  2. Amy Theron says:

    Well I reviewed this Beta version of Blinx search
    engine and to compare it with Google is bit over exadurated as they seem to have real difficulties
    rendering the page and those adds popping out of no where covering the whole screen is to say the least not in anyway user friendly or is going with the web spirit!.

  3. Richard Moroney says:

    Downloaded the beta version and found it useful. Don’t see it as comparable to Google, found it quite complimentary. Discovered a local search feature: if you type in ppt, word etc. can specifically search local doc types – very useful for me.

    (BTW: didn’t encounter any pop ups)

  4. Alexey says:

    Take a look at diskMETA (