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By - June 18, 2004

FIND_small3Look at this, a new search site “for business professionals.” I’m not sure this will catch on, but it is a reflection of the trend toward vertical/domain specific search…

So I head over there and do the typical vanity search – for “Searchblog.” After all, it’s business related content. And what do I see? Three of my postings are highlighted at the top as for sale by some company called “NetContent.” Hmm. *My* postings, for sale on No one asked me. Hmmm.

Well this is interesting. In fact, with a little poking around, I see blog entries by all sorts of folks are “for sale,” as well as stuff by mainstream magazines like BusinessWeek. Note to NetContent: I’ll be calling.

ClickZ story.

The older, wiser

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5 thoughts on “ Launches, Raises My Eyebrows

  1. WHAT THE !@#!@#?!

    Please, please keep me informed. Many of mine are for sale as well, and it pisses me off.

    Sorry… GAH!

  2. pb says:

    The first search engine I’ve seen. Will be interesting to see if .net can handle it. Searches seem pretty sluggish with just 17 million docs indexed.

  3. pb says:

    The NetContent pament thing does seem very surious. I got a Verisign PayFlow error. Did anyone get it to work? NetContent also runs which looks like a subscription model which also includes John’s and other’s content. Weird.

  4. Matt Turck says:

    John (and Jeremy),

    Not sure if you have had any direct contact with NetContent, but we did as soon as we saw your blog entries, and the problem seems to be fixed (at least the NetContent results you were mentioning no longer appear on

    Thanks for alerting us to this, please let us know if you see anything else, and sorry for the inconvenience.

    Matt Turck
    Chief Information Officer

  5. Yes, thanks. I got a call in response to my first in quiry, and was told that it was a mistake and is fixed. Sorry for not posting that till now, I’ve had some computer problems and am (supposedly!) on a vacation!