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A New Boing Boing

By - June 15, 2004

bbhead10x.gif I’m proud to say that Boing Boing has launched a new design, one that incorporates sponsors and a cleaner look. I was down visiting with Danny Hillis today (man, talk about mind blowing) and I was very happy to hear that he reads Boing Boing regularly. My role with Boing Boing is the equivalent of “band manager” – I helped them round up the wonderful sponsors – Wired, Google (Blogger), and O’Reilly – and work out the details of how they can take the site to the next phase of it’s ongoing evolution (“brain candy for happy mutants since 1988!”). Take a look!

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4 thoughts on “A New Boing Boing

  1. Travis says:

    I’m curious… Why didn’t you use blogads for the ad space? They seem to dominate most of the biog blogs out there. Did you even look at them?

    How about Google adsense?

    I’d like to add ads to my blog, but I’m unsure of which way to go.

  2. Rob Austin says:

    Don’t like the new design – too cluttered – why didn’t you just put the rest of the left column – with Cory’s book etc… below the ads. Dual columns really clutters things and takes away from the impact of the blog postings….


  3. says:

    Hmm. I would like to add ads to _your_ blog (ie., bb), but I’m unsure of which way to go.


  4. dreww says:

    honestly, i agree with rob. i’m glad i read it via screenscraped RSS.