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Shocker: Google Has an Ethics Committee

By - May 18, 2004

The Register breaks this “news” – groups of folks get together at Google to determine what to do when difficult issues like the Jew Watch controversy break. Well of course they do. At least the company has an ethics committee in the first place. It’s true, they have not been forthcoming on this subject, but as the reality of being public company sets in, they’ve get better at it. It’s an engineering-driven culture in the process of realizing that it’s playing on a major media stage. DNA changes slowly, and not without pain.

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2 thoughts on “Shocker: Google Has an Ethics Committee

  1. Gordon says:

    Once again the Register prove that they really need to think about their ‘news’ articles.

    File under: Well DUHH…

  2. Even better, they have those Toto bidets in the bathrooms. Who needs an ethics committee?

    Quote: But I don’t call ’em spies for nothing. Here’s the real insider’s view: “Google employees must have the sweetest bottoms in the high-tech world. The women’s toilets at Google were over-the-top, Toto bidet/toilets. They sprayed, fluffed and warm-air-dried.” Never mind the IPO and pending piles o’ cash; no wonder everyone there’s in such a good mood.