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Neat: Search just those sites you want to

By - May 29, 2004

Not that I think most will want this kind of dashboard, but it’s a neat hack – Scoble points us to, which forces Google to search only the sites you tell it to.

This site is a project by Glen Murphy. Who is he? I have no idea, but here’s his site. This is why I love the web.

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3 thoughts on “Neat: Search just those sites you want to

  1. Glen Murphy is, among other things, the proprietor of – a fascinating long running collection of web experiments. His dChat JavaScript chat application is pretty interesting too.

  2. Hashim says:

    it would be cool if I could load my opml file into it.

  3. Just yesterday some colleagues and I were talking about new ways search could work; better ways to use the Google API (or any search engine’s API) and the information we already store on our computers. I suggested that a great custom search would be if you could set a search to only query sites you have bookmarked as favorites, and beyond, if you organize your favorites into folders, then search just specific folders within favorites. Most of the people I work with have their favorites organized for a two purposes: for frequently visited sites and also for keeping track of sites they see and want to have some way of returning to later. “Gee, that’s interesting and I’ll likely need to find it again later, I’ll bookmark it as a reference point.”

    Today, I browse through the recent articles and read that something pretty similar has already been built. I agree with your comment, John, this is why I love the web too.