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Metadata Tagging The Social Grid Via Search

By - May 05, 2004

gray_logoInteresting idea. Social Grid. Does this violate the Google API? (I’ve sent the owner an email.) This is, however, a good example of how others can build on top of the search platform. From

The idea is simple. Registered members turn their own personal or business Web pages into free personals ads.

Members that sign up with the Orange County, Calif.-based firm get a string of HTML to put on their personal or business Web pages. The SocialGrid Search System then translates information that members enter into their SocialGrid profiles. Then Google and other search engines index not only the page but also the profile.

“It’s a Google for people,” said SocialGrid founder Chau Vuong.

Apparently, he’s hoping to be acquired, as he has a rather self defeating approach to his own business:

With the search wars in overdrive, Vuong thinks that Google should continue to expand. “Sooner or later, Google is going to come out with their own HotJobs and GeoCities,” he said. “Orkut is like Google’s answer to Yahoo Groups. SocialGrid is basically a Google’s version of Yahoo’s GeoCities and HotJobs.”

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2 thoughts on “Metadata Tagging The Social Grid Via Search

  1. IMHO, The SocialGrid founder is totally wrong if he thinks Google will own these categories, or even be competitive. To understand why, see my Microsoft-approved business plan for a provider of customized lifelong learning and career services, which is online at



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