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Da Vinci: "Hey Googlio, how the hell do I get to Rome?"

By - May 13, 2004

googlioYou come across some funny shit doing research on the web.

Florence, Italy – Historians have found convincing evidence that Leonardo da Vinci developed the first search engine. Recently uncovered Da Vinci diaries describe how he collaborated with his neighbor, Googlio, to enable a renaissance in searching….

In another chapter, da Vinci recounts how he asked Googlio to find him “a babe with a mysterious and captivating smile.” Googlio produced a list of women ranked by their standing in Florentine society. Googlio began working for da Vinci full time. Da Vinci supplemented his income by selling the contents of the genius’ searches.

Googlio’s popular searches were profitable for da Vinci, but did lead to some headaches. Many paint and canvas salespeople kept knocking on da Vinci’s door. Da Vinci started to think that Googlio was too focused on money when his search about the Last Supper resulted in caterers stopping him on the street and offering assistance.

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