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Why I Love Craigslist

By - April 28, 2004

craigslistI met with Craig Newmark , founder of craigslist, a while back, but I don’t think I posted about it. But this crossed my desk recently, and I wanted to share it with you. Can’t say how I got it, but damn, it’s powerful stuff.

Top Web Entities (English-language traffic), with employee data

Rank # Employees Company

1. 3600 Yahoo
2. 55000 MSFT
3. 1500 Google
4. 91000 AOL/TW
5. 4000 eBay
6. 2650000 US Government
7. 7500 Amazon

Etc….(removed 8-23 so as not to bore you)

24. 5100 Earthlink
25. 14 craigslist

Of course the #s will change in the top 25 (everyone always argues about who’s #1-10), but….to crack the top 25 with just 14 employees! The next smallest sized company is adultfriendfinder, #17, with 150.


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4 thoughts on “Why I Love Craigslist

  1. Hmm. Outdated employee figures for Google and Yahoo, it seems.

  2. EarthLink is more like 2100.

  3. gabe m says:

    what type of ranking is this– unique visitors/volume of page requests/week/month/year? what’s the source? just curious… anyone know? within their own relative world, the success of the craigslist brand may be more impressive than google’s. would be cool to see some local bay area stats comparing the two.

  4. Slav Kandyba says:

    This kind of humor won’t earn ya kudos points in that 18-23 ‘hood, J. But it’s funny – and Craigslist doesn’t seize to amaze. I did find my apartment through the LA times classifieds, not Craigslist, which is not exactly useful in that department – trust me, too many people are on it, it get a little too congested. Oh well.