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By - April 04, 2004

tunescircleBuddy just invited me into this new social networking app: share your music library (info only) and see how FOAF plays with tunes. Plan to sign up and see how it goes.

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4 thoughts on “TuneCircle

  1. fred wilson says:


    are you a user? if so, how do i find you in the service?


  2. OK, so…far as I can tell, TuneCircle does not grok iTunes. So…I’m not going to be very useful. All my music is burned into my iTunes app…

  3. Jon Aizen says:

    Hey John – are your files in AAC or MP3? If they are MP3 files, then another user had the same problem, and found a solution, at least on the Mac.

    Drop a note in the technical support forum on the stie for more help.

    Thanks for blogging TC!


  4. An update: TuneCircle now reads WMA and AAC music files in addition to MP3, and we’ve added an iTunes XML import feature. Check it out: