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Talk of the Nation

By - April 27, 2004

logo_nprI’ll be on “Talk of the Nation” shortly talking about – what else – the Google IPO. Streaming audio will be up in about four hours (6 pm EST) I’m told. Other guests include Steven Levy and Lauren Weinstein.

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2 thoughts on “Talk of the Nation

  1. Doug Cutting says:

    You did a great job of presenting this stuff to the general public. And, thanks for the Nutch plug!

  2. Eric Otterson says:

    Hey John, LTNS.
    Heard you last week on NPR’s Marketplace commenting on the IPO that has become unspeakable (since everything that is to be said has been said). Nice job. Cheers. (Pardon the posting – I didn’t have alternate contact info for you).