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Taking the Day Off, Headed to MSFT

By - April 19, 2004

Going to MSFT today (well, early on the 20th) to meet with David Cole, who runs .net and MSN, and Yusuf Mehdi, who runs search and most of MSN for David. Should be darn interesting. Scoble, you around? If so, email me jbat at

Anyone care to suggest questions for these two gentlemen? Post away on comments or email me….thanks!

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4 thoughts on “Taking the Day Off, Headed to MSFT

  1. Seun Osewa says:

    For Yusuf:
    When is Microsoft going to roll out its own independent search engine? What particular algorithms are MSN Search researchers looking at that would make them the best search engine (i.e. to “catch” Google?)

  2. Of course I’m around! I’d love to meetup.

  3. My cell phone is 408-314-8233.

  4. Ask them if they intend to integrate MSN search into the desktop, or with Longhorn search.