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Tacoda To Form AudienceMatch

By - April 27, 2004

tacoda_logo News broke today that Tacoda (previous post here) is creating a behavioral marketing network called AudienceMatch which will compete with other major ad networks like Google’s AdWords or Overture’s ContentMatch. Congrats to them, and to Fred, who invested in them.

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One thought on “Tacoda To Form AudienceMatch

  1. Peter Caputa says:

    aquantive announced a similar initiative yesterday.

    it is interesting how both of these companies are combining contextual placement/content match with their other matching techniques that rely more on user profiles.

    “The profiles will include past surfing behavior, demographics and geographic information.”

    “developing a pay-for-performance network of content sites that will run text ads and leverage its audience-profiling technology”

    This puts a lot of credence in the amazon (a9/alexa) strategy.