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By - April 22, 2004

bweekvoerHere we go again, this month’s Google cover: Businessweek. Oh, they timed it for the IPO, yes they did, but those pesky engineers have yet to make those editors look like geniuses. Godammit!

Well, there’s time. It might happen in the next few days, or next week.

Bizweek does the full package. I’ll read it, and if there’s anything new, I’ll let you know. (The site requires registration.)

Thanks for the tip, Jim.

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One thought on “Really..Must…Put…Google…On…Cover

  1. Bob says:

    The way you titled this article gave me a rude discovery.
    Where I have your title feed on my site, the table width adjusted wider and whacked out my whole site.
    Not having any spaces in the title made it stay on one line and stretch the table.

    Just thought I’d mention it. It may affect others too.
    Guess I’ll have to pull your feed off if it’s not fixed in the next little while.
    I’ll have to watch for that or not put up any feeds at all.
    It’s there as an experiment anyway as I’m learning the bBlog script.