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More Google News

By - April 23, 2004

google It’s a Google News Friday. Roundup:

Cnet reports on Google’s safe search, which it claims is too restrictive.

– Google rethinks its policy on hate sites (considering labels. I say, let the community label in aggregate..but what do I know).

– Google is apparently expanding its Gmail beta to users of Blogger. (Thanks, Andy)

– More on the grandstanding California Senator who is seeking to legislate Gmail

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3 thoughts on “More Google News

  1. As for hate sites, I think it would be worth for Google to have a little X mark by each domain name, which would mean “Don’t show me this site anymore”. Those preferring to filter out messages about hate and whatever can always use that to create their own list of “banned” sites, those valuing free speech can just ignore it.

  2. Can I put in a plug for my latest report:

    “Jew Watch”, Google, and Search Engine Optimization

    Abstract: This report examines issues surrounding the high ranking of an anti-semitic website, “” for searches on the word “Jew”. The search results present complex issues of unintended consequences and social dilemmas.

  3. Tim says:

    Did you see Steve Gilmore’s interview with Brin, where Brin addresses Brad Templeton’s encrypt the mail proposal?

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on both.