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Lycos Up For Grabs, Will Diller Re-engage?

By - April 28, 2004

logo_lycos.gifCnet reports that Lycos has retained Lehman to advise the company on the sale of its US assets. Cnet claims a possible price of $200 million. That’d be a bargain, a far cry from the billions Barry was willing to offer back in the good old days…

Diller would not need the traffic, though it never hurts. What he does need is integrative search technology. And on that count, Lycos is not a strong player. Side note to Wired News folks: If you’re looking to do something new, you know how to get in touch with me…

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One thought on “Lycos Up For Grabs, Will Diller Re-engage?

  1. John:

    I had the same idea this morning.

    Diller’s comments in Fortune suggest he rues the failure … well now he’s got cash and stock … if at first you don’t succeed …


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