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How To Stop Gambling Online? We'll Never Know, Exactly…

By - April 05, 2004

gamblingjpgYahoo and Google have agreed to stop take online gambling advertising. Lycos already has.

I’m not sure I like this, for the precedent it sets. I don’t like the lack of clarity by the companies about why they made this decision, and I don’t like the perception that the threat of government action was behind it all. In essence, it feels this was done behind closed doors, without a clear signal as to why the action was taken. Again, I don’t like the precedent. First this, then? Don’t Be Evil can cut both ways.

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31 thoughts on “How To Stop Gambling Online? We'll Never Know, Exactly…

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  2. Bill says:

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  3. Well, U.S. ban on online gaming which occured recently may be the first step on this, but let us see how the multi-million dollar gaming industry reacts to it, and if any other countries follow footsteps of US government.

  4. Shawn Jordan says:

    We have created a web site that is specifically designed to help individuals and their families recover from gambling derailment.

    There are healthier choices for entertainment than gambling. People, internet authorities and government bodies will eventually figure that out…when they do gambling (as a form of entertainment) will become a kin to the roller skating parks of the days gone by.


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