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Good Profile of Moritz

By - April 23, 2004

Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky has a well done profile of Michael Moritz, one of two VCs to invest in Google back in 1999. (The site is sub only, but I believe you can get the first page if you are not a Fortune subscriber. When, oh when, will Time Inc. realize that blogging is GOOD for them? Maybe when they spin out AOL…)

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One thought on “Good Profile of Moritz

  1. Doug Mehus says:

    Hi John:

    Nope, can’t even preview the first page. I wish Time would start allowing free access to (at least some of) its publications, such as Fortune and Business 2.0. They could require members to register with the Web site and obtain valuable demographic data to boost the rates it charges advertisers. I believe Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive does this and has turned its online operations into a profitable business. Slate is also profitable.

    Perhaps you could post a copy of the article on your blog (with copyright information included, of course)? I don’t think they’d mind, and if they did, well you can always remove it.