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Claria Files For IPO

By - April 08, 2004

claria-logoChange your name from Gator, get the books in order, put happy smiling people on your website, and file. OK, Marchex,, BrightMail,, Salesforce, Claria. Do we have a trend yet? Do we have a problem yet?

Bankers: Deutsche Bank Securities, Piper Jaffray, and Thomas Weisel Partners.

The S-1 is here.

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  • John

    I’m going to be ill.

  • pb

    If you really want to get ill, check Claria’s financials:

    $35m earnings on $90m revs in 2003. I just about fell out of my seat.

  • John

    Yeah, but earning aside, the company is so evil.

  • Allison

    Evil? For creating a company and a product that has worked? For being up front about what they do? For earning $35m on $90m revenue in 2003? Sign me up for some of that stock, baby!

  • Rob

    These guys deliver amazing results for advertisers, it’s just that simple. One might argue with how they do it, but if it’s a targeted ad surely that’s better than the kind of interruptive, irrelevant nonsense one puts up with every evening on television… see my blog for more comments on them.

  • Brad

    You may not like the space they’re in, but they’re honest in their business dealings. Sure pay their vp of sales a ton of money.