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Another Reason I Like Search…

By - April 22, 2004

pic-of-owner-3…19 year olds can put up an engine with some nifty features. Check out FyberSearch.

Gary says:
This engine allows the user to tweak the keyword density portion of its
relevancy algorithm. I haven’t seen this option from a general web engine,
I like it! You often find this feature from databases like LexisNexis and
Factiva where the searcher can specify how many times a word or phrase
must be mentioned in a document to be considered relevant. Often, the
syntax atleast(x) is used. An advanced interface and image searching are
available. You’ll also notice a link (on search results pages) to
immediately reindex each page. Finally, options to limit your search to
terms in the title, meta tags, and url by simply pointing and clicking.
The default search finds your terms in page titles only. You’ll need to
select “content keywords” to search terms on the page.

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3 thoughts on “Another Reason I Like Search…

  1. Makes the “advanced” options on most search engines look kinda pitiful, doesn’t it?

  2. rich says:

    it’s nice alright. always the little guys who dare to experiment the most in my opinion.

    have you seen i mentioned it on another posts comments a while ago.

    its powered by google api so you need an API key to use it, but it has a rather nice personalised filter you can add any URL’s you don’t want to see pages from in your results, sort of like a spam black list in mail apps.

    i like it for getting rid of all the pesky directories i keep getting at the top of the standard Google SERP’s.

  3. Mike says:

    Superb advanced search engine. A little complicated for the average user. Would be an improvement for the initial/default search to include all keyword areas and the results page offering the advanced facilities.