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Yahoo Announces New News Search

By - March 17, 2004

main5So Yahoo has made its News Search feature more robust…but, I wonder, where is the fresh angle that Yahoo brings, unique to Yahoo? Google has the “not touched by human hands” angle. Yahoo could do so much here…and I hope it does. For now, the news is this: the News search feature now sources 7000 sites, adds a “also try” feature (related queries), and some other nifty features. I’d like to see a “make this news search an RSS feed” feature…

PS – Rich Skrenta and others point out, use the beta URL

PPS – Turns out, this news is a couple of months old. Sorry….too busy lately.

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2 thoughts on “Yahoo Announces New News Search

  1. In the results are the same in both types of searches:
    – “en castellano”
    – “en Espa

  2. Carlos Roche says:

    I guess is confusing Espanol with Espana.