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By - March 25, 2004

sdc_logoHow? Besides my own bias that all of ecommerce is driven by search, see this excerpt from a story on’s $400 million IPO:’s biggest customer, responsible for 38% of its revenue, is Google.’s agreement with Google is expected to continue, although the market is highly competitive. The Yahoo! (Nasdaq:YHOO) e-commerce site has launched a new price comparison service, and Google is planning to launch its own price comparison service, Froogle.

And, ahem, let’s not forget Amazon…

Here’s the filing….(BTW, they filed in 2000 but never got out…)

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  • Scott Rafer

    Here’s a link to the free government site to download the documents.

  • pb

    Amazon needs to seriously improve its search results. Maybe the a9 thing is addressing this?

  • a10

    That’s pretty much A9 in a nutshell. Note how many letters occur in “”.

  • shopping mall

    When is shopping coming out?
    Are they going to do something similar to where regular people can bid?

  • mbaba

    I wonder what the effect of Frugal and A9 will have on paid-inclusion shopping sites like, and if there will be a residual impact for Google and Amazon.

    I assume gets 38% of its revenue from Google through an AdSense program that places