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Psst…Wanna Buy Some Pre-IPO Google Shares?

By - March 13, 2004

Good cocktail party tidbit from the Register: Dutch fellow posed as a Kleiner partner and scammed folks into “investing” in pre-IPO Google shares. He took in half a million before he got caught…

Among the victims were several financially successful and sophisticated members of the international technology and business community, the FBI says. These include a New York investment banker, the chairman of a global telecom company, a brokerage firm executive and counsel for a telecommunications company.

I’d like to see that list…

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3 thoughts on “Psst…Wanna Buy Some Pre-IPO Google Shares?

  1. Devin Kelley says:

    What do I have to do to get a piece of this. What is the relative Buy in to an IPO of this Magnitude. I.E. what was the buy in for the IPO. Please help, I want to make something happen, but I don’t know how.

    Thanks again

  2. Sherwan Foy says:

    Need to know how and when to buy google shares.



  3. ribb says:

    has anyone who purchased pre IPO shares of GOOG…received their shares? if so…did u get all the shares u were to recieve? and how long did u have to wait to receive them? and if u did receive them…do u now have to wait any more additional time to do something with them..? IE..sell shares, sell call options on those same shares, or sell put options on said shares…OR..use them for margin