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Kanoodle: A Different Approach

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As I pointed out earlier, Kanoodle is a company formed essentially in opposition: It was founded by the execs behind About’s Sprinks contextual advertising service, after that service was bought and then discontinued by Google. eWeek today has a good overview of their plans. Excerpt:

ContextTarget, and its upcoming expansion, determines the placement of ads on the bidding for particular content categories rather than on keywords in the content, Josephson said. maps the table of contents of partner sites to build its categories and match appropriate ads, he explained. The automated program will use the same approach but more dynamically map Web publishers’ pages to ContextTarget’s categories.

“The way we look at the world is that the Googles of the world are great search companies that are trying to put the same model on ads,” Josephson said.

I say, competition is good….(though like everyone else, they’re stealing Google’s holiday-theme logos!)

Data Mining and Your Privacy

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Wired News runs an AP story that covers some of the fuzzy stuff going on in ARDA, DARPA, and other spooky places w/r/t data mining. Upshot: When TIA was killed, as we know, much of its work was redistributed to other agencies. But one portion stayed dead: the privacy guarantees.

Geo Search: MetaCarta

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I’ve pinged MetaCarta before, when they got more than $6 million from Sevin Rosen, but Shore points me to a good overview of MetaCarta’s technology in Directions magazine. Geo-located content/search has been something of a blind spot for me, reading through this helped a lot. Seems MetaCarta does something akin to WebFountain, but only for location-specific information. Geolocation unlocks all sorts of interesting applications, in fact, the concept came up several times in my conversations with Bill Joy this past Friday. Watch this space.

Introducing Re-Find

By - March 13, 2004

You’ll see a few changes on the site (they always happen on the weekends)…I’ve moved some stuff around on the left, added a list of search engines, and I’ve introduced a newsletter subscription box. If you enter your email at left, you’ll receive “Re-Find,” a weekly summary of posts. (I’m shooting to do it Friday, but it might come over the weekend, as it did this weekend.) Yep, I’m a sucker for entendres. Thanks for reading….

Watch Out, Google, Here Comes…

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Coneteq, the next Google…from Lebanon. I’m thinking of creating a section on my site for engines which claim to be the next Google…the “US consultant” who is pushing this new engine points out w/r/t Google:

“Their pre-tax profit last year was $350 million. That’s not bad for a couple of guys,” he said, reiterating the often-cited fact that one of the founders, Sergey Brin, is a Russian émigré while the other, Larry Page, is a hippie.

That’s how we win! Call em hippies!