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MSFT & Search: Europe, Ballmer

By - March 25, 2004

ballmersjpgCNET reports that MSFT CEO Steve Ballmer got animated when the subject of search came up at the company’s recent advertising forum.

“People say that Microsoft does it all, but this is the case where we didn’t do it all,” Ballmer told an audience of marketing and media executives on Thursday, here at the software giant’s fifth annual advertising conference. Then, like an eager football coach pumping up the team for the second half, Ballmer reasserted that Microsoft is still in the game and plans to win.

“You’ll see a lot of good competition in the area,” he said emphatically, at one point throwing his pen.

In other news, the Merc reports that the recent EU ruling against MSFT may stymie the company’s plans to integrate search into Windows.

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