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GuruNet Founder Interviewed

By - March 23, 2004

guru_logoEMarketer has an interview with Bob Rosenschein, founder of GuruNet, which bills itself as an “answer engine.” GuruNet has been around a long time, as these things go, and is worth a trial. It works by organizing licensed information into some 700,000 topics, which are accessed via a keyword-activated desktop application. In essence, any word or phrase you see – in an email, web page, Word doc, whatever – can be Alt clicked on to produce a GuruNet answer (as opposed to a list of SERPs, as with a search engine). Since it has a Mac OSX trial version, I plan to try it out….

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One thought on “GuruNet Founder Interviewed

  1. Bob says:

    Thanks, John, for the warm words about the new GuruNet. There are 3 versions now: Web only, IE Toolbar, and the flagship alt-click GuruNet for Windows download. The Macintosh OSX beta is coming soon. Anyone who wants to receive should send an e-mail to — Bob