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Google Beware, AOMI Stalks You

By - March 01, 2004

aimo.gifAnother press release, promising a revolution, this one from “AOMI,” a Fort Worth, Texas company that will “revolutionize the way we search” by using “behavioral profiling, predictive modeling, and Neuro Intelligence…rendering existing search functionality obsolete.” Oh, please. They’re even code-naming the product “HAL.” They promise, PROMISE, that “a prototype of this product will be completed in the coming months, and the public Beta will be released soon thereafter.”

The site is “under construction” and all I have is the release, which is in the extended entry below. The company is a division of Markettrix, which from what I can tell is an SEO/marketing services holding company (their site is very sketchy on details). So here’s my question: If you’re about to revolutionize search, why not just wait till you have the goods and open up your site to all comers? The word of mouth will get around in about a day, if not an hour. Why huff and puff in a press release? Why? Oh, yeah, now I remember.

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> AOMI’s Artificial Intelligence Search Product Will Render Most Traditional
> Internet Search Technologies Obsolete
> FORT WORTH, Texas – March 1, 2004 – AOMI, an independent operating company
> of Markettrix Inc., is preparing to launch an artificial intelligence (AI)
> search product that will learn from and adapt to users with each search. A
> prototype of this product, code-named “HAL,” will be completed in the coming
> months, and the public Beta will be released soon thereafter.
> Existing search technology is rife with shortcomings. More than half of the
> search queries executed using today’s search engines return hordes of
> irrelevant results. In addition, current engines index only a minute
> percentage of the Web content universe. AOMI will use a proprietary adaptive
> AI engine to deliver the most relevant results from a more complete index of
> the Internet. This will enable users to find what they’re looking for more
> easily, thus enhancing the Web experience.
> “The sampling of the Internet compiled as part of the AOMI product will be
> larger and return more relevant results than any other product in the search
> industry,” said Markettrix CEO Carey Hilton. “Using behavioral profiling,
> predictive modeling, and Neuro Intelligence(tm), our intuitive AI Search(tm)
> algorithms create a ‘search concierge’ that starts learning immediately and
> becomes more refined and smarter with every use.”
> In its quest for continued excellence, AOMI is seeking additional talent.
> The existing R&D team operates as part of an international collaborative and
> is a brain trust that includes top scientists, professors, engineers and
> experts in the respective fields of AI, mathematics, cognitive sciences,
> statistics, human behavior and psychology.
> “It has taken a multitude of skill sets from people of diverse backgrounds
> and experience to create the AOMI search product,” Hilton said. “And just as
> Henry Ford rendered the horse and buggy obsolete with his invention of the
> automobile, the AOMI team has created new search technologies that will
> revolutionize the way people search – rendering existing search
> functionality obsolete.”
> About AOMI
> AOMI is an independent operating unit of Markettrix Inc. Markettrix is an
> innovative search technologies, media, and marketing services company
> providing its clients with a suite of marketing services and applications
> that help build the demand side of their business. AOMI is the search side
> of Markettrix and headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. For more information,
> visit AOMI, AI Search, Neuro Intelligence, AI Targeting, and
> SmartSearch are trademarks of Markettrix Inc.
> # # #
> Media Contact:
> Michelle Metzger
> M/C/C
> +1-972-480-8383

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5 thoughts on “Google Beware, AOMI Stalks You

  1. pb says:

    Never trust anything from Texas. Works very well.

  2. Carlos Roche says:

    Hello All

    Wow! Let’s see who’s gonna win this crazy search race.

    Carlos Roche

  3. aaron wall says:

    Meta Mend is another SEO company which frequently creates news releases about a proprietary meta data set which will revolutionize search.

    Why would a search engine ever allow an SEO company to directly determine their search results.

    Horse, that is the cart in front of you…

  4. Sid Yadav says:

    Never trust these kind of things.

    Remember Dipsie? Its been saying that since what? 6 months? 1 year? 2 years? and still nothing. Its launching date is still set to 2004, but I guess they don’t know year it is…


  5. JimBob says:

    I know these guys. They aren’t likely to create anything useful – ever. Move along, nothing to see here.