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Eric S. Interview in WSJ

By - March 30, 2004

ericsCouldn’t get onto the WSJ page yesterday, so missed this interview with Eric – and it’s behind a paid wall in any case. Then I noticed this free link in Beal’s blog today. Eric gives some insight into his management style, the possible IPO, and how decisions are made.

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2 thoughts on “Eric S. Interview in WSJ

  1. HeDidntSay says:

    There’s an interesting thing about Google that I heard the other day from a marketing guy I’m working with. Every employee is given several days of training on intellectual property management, and how to avoid giving away valuable IP (like the color of the new results bar, etc.).

    Of course, in such a situation I’d do my best to avoid giving my IP to Google, but that’s just my take on the matter.

  2. Tim says:

    You are late on the Gmail story, 🙂

    Is it real, or is it April fools?

    Did you ever post anyting about A9?