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AP Story: Google Invades Privacy

By - March 22, 2004

Not sure the issues discussed in this piece are Google’s problem alone. In fact, I’m quite sure they are not. But, often the press can’t tell the difference. In any case, the set up of the piece:

“Google kind of makes it easy to connect all the dots together,” said Richard M. Smith, former chief technology officer at the Privacy Foundation. “I think Google is the biggest privacy invader on the planet, no doubt about it.”

But interesting and good to hear Larry quoted in this piece responding to the privacy concerns thusly: “We’re not experts on all possible topics,” Page said. “These (privacy issues) are hugely controversial, and I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to set policy.” And…
“Do you not want Google to make information available that’s available to other people?” Page asked. “I want to know it’s out there on the Web. I don’t want Google to censor it.”

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