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Again (AGAIN!) The NYT on Google

By - March 13, 2004

This story may as well have been published two years ago, it’s a complete retread of every story you’ve ever read about Google (Vanity Googling! Date Googling! Google is really big and cool and new and important! Google has a chef who worked for the Dead! Google’s not the answer to everything, but it sure seems like it is!). At least this time they are talking to some interesting folks, including Larry Lessig and Brewster Kahle. I know I’m way too inside baseball to have a clear view of this, but…this story has run in the Times before. I guess now we know, it will run again, and again, and again.

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2 thoughts on “Again (AGAIN!) The NYT on Google

  1. Harmen says:

    There is a little error in the HTML which makes a broken link…

  2. Andy Beal says:

    LOL…just read this post. About two minutes earlier, I read the NYTimes article and posted a similar rant on my blog.

    Does the NY Times have a mandated “one Google article per week, regardless of anything newsworthy” policy?