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Yahoo Says Yes, Google Said No….

By - February 26, 2004

With regard to my earlier post on Oceana, cruise ships, CBS, advocacy ads, and Google…seems Yahoo has accepted Oceana’s advertising, the same ads (I think) Google rejected.

Oceana (an environmental group for readers just joining us), crows in a release:

Oceana’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Sharpless, praised Yahoo! for not bowing to pressure from big corporate advertisers and allowing Oceana to express its positive message of preserving and protecting the world’s oceans.

“Yahoo should be applauded for having the courage to put freedom of expression before sales. If Royal Caribbean and the cruise industry can pay to publicize themselves in whichever venue they please, then we deserve to be able to show the facts about their environmental records. The public has a right to this information, and, much to its credit, Yahoo recognizes that,” said Sharpless.

I wonder if Yahoo even knows it’s “taking a stand”?

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