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Taunted by Tatas

By - February 24, 2004

mug.gifThe folks behind Booble are at it again, taunting Google and posting press releases at “” seeking to portray themselves as a harmless parody site that is being bigfooted by the evil Google. I don’t buy this. When Booble came out, it was claiming to be a serious adult search engine, serving a real need. It wasn’t very good, but it claimed that it was going to be a business. Now that Google’s asserting its trademark rights, which in this case I think is entirely warranted, they have changed their stripes, and are a “parody site”. The whole thing is sophomoric. In fact, I’d not be surprised if this whole thing is being run by some bored kid in a college dorm room interested mainly in porn and selling mugs and tshirts.
(thanks, Gary)

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